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When it comes to trading and investing, Andrew Baxter is regarded as one of the World's best and most sought after stock market speakers. Having spoken around the World and alongside some of the biggest names - Branson/Robbins/Kiyosaki/Dent/Blair and more - he has built a reputation for helping everyday people build their knowledge, confidence, and ultimately, game plan for a better, more healthy financial future. By breaking things down into plain English with a simple to follow, simple to apply range of strategies, Andrew Baxter is a true leader in personal finance.


Andrew is well known for his ability to clearly articulate the complexities of financial markets in plain and simple language that anybody can understand, with over a decade of high profile public speaking and coaching under his belt, Andrew has guided thousands of people all over the world to trading success. Giving his traders and investors the opportunity to avoid bumbling through the markets by trying to short cut it and run solo.


When it comes to trading Andrew believes that evolution is the key thing. With over 20 years of trading experience Andrew has come to understand that because the market is always changing, your trading plan needs to evolve over time.

Andrew Baxter speaks on a variety of subjects including:

Trading Psychology: Building a bullet proof mindset for tackling markets with confidence. Finding your edge, and tailoring your strategy to suit your personality.

Global and Market Economics: Making dollars and sense from the economy by joining the dots between news/information and trading decisions.

Risk Management: Common sense rules for managing risk levels on in- vestments and enjoying peace of mind in the market place.

Trading Options: Mastering the options markets by utilising the right strategy at the right time. Options are without question one of the most versatile instruments for traders, however, they are known as the thinking man?s derivative for a reason. Demystifying this instrument and harnessing its power to generate cash flow, manage risk and speculate in the market.

Cash flow Strategies: The key trading and investing strategies for generating additional returns in portfolios.

Commodities Trading: With a growing world population, one sector more than any is enjoying a positive backdrop and that is commodities. Taking advantage of the opportunity created here is easier than you may think.

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