Many investors and traders are looking for good quality clear independent advice – something that is hard to find. Even if you find it, being able to follow and execute the trades easily, and in the same way the analyst has called it, can be a real challenge. Reality is, most newsletter and advisory services fail their subscribers, either through their performance or because of the difficulty readers have in actually following the trades and filling their orders.

As a result of researching the newsletter and advisory space, Andrew Baxter and his team developed a revolutionary game-changing Advisory Service, MyTradingAdvisor. Aside from the nature of the trade recommendations, the core difference in My Trading Advisor service is the delivery of the recommendations.

These services provide very clear recommendations on WHAT to buy, the PRICE to pay, and WHEN to close out. Users can read about the trade details, watch the Analyst’s trade briefing video, consider the entry, exit and stop levels. Then, to take the trade, the My Trading Advisor App is linked to the user’s trading account. By understanding the clear and structured reason WHY a particular investment decision is being made, the confidence of the investor following that Advice grows.

All the user needs to do is select the position size, click to confirm the trade, and the rest is then done for them. There really isn’t anything easier to use out there that provides the investor with all the control and none of the work or execution risk.

Our experience tells us that in most cases, success isn’t the result of knowledge, it is the result of having the confidence to apply that knowledge. MyTradeAdvisor has been deliberately designed to help its users develop increased confidence, not only in the process but in themselves. My Trading Advisor has revolutionised the newsletter and advisory services. Learn more about My Trading Advisor