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Andrew Baxter Biography

Andrew Baxter grew up in a working-class household in the United Kingdom. From an early age, his parents encouraged him to “work hard at school and get a good job”. He graduated from one of Europe’s leading business schools with a Bachelor of Science Honours Degree.

With a keen interest in investing from an early age, his career took him to the hub of global investment markets, the City of London. It was here, that a keen interest became the foundation for his success and over the next seven years, working with some of the largest institutions, he built up a broad-based expertise in trading and investing across global markets.

In 1999, he moved to Australia as an overall lifestyle change, where he continues to combine his passion for trading and empowering everyday people to master the skills and confidence to successfully tackle markets and avoid the pitfalls and scam which can capture so many.

“When the process is right, the results always follow – and trading is simply a process – mastering that process and your own psychology will set you financially free”

Andrew Baxter Trading, Investing and Trader Mindset Speaker

Andrew Baxter is a highly regarded keynote speaker across a wide range of topics within the trading/investing and trader mindset space.

Andrew has spoken alongside some of the world’s leading names, including Robert Kiyosaki, Anthony Robbins, Sir Richard Branson and Tony Blair.

Locally he has spoken to audiences for the ASX, Australian Financial Review, Australian Investors Association and the Technical Analysis Association, and overseas at the highly prestigious National Achievers Congress and Irrational Economics Summit, working with more than 50,000 people worldwide.

Andrew is renown for his ability to translate complex finance into simple, everyday, easy to follow processes. His philosophy of no jargon, clear and simple explanations and total transparency have earned him a legion of fans around the World, in and out of the investment and trading industry.

Andrew Baxter Australian Investment Education and other companies

In addition to training and education, Andrew Baxter is also the CEO and Founder of Australian Investment Education, one of the market’s foremost educators.

Andrew is on a mission is to empower 100,000 everyday Australians to enjoy a more prosperous financial future through learning how to better manage their investments. By building a range of simple to use Apps that support his education, Andrew Baxter has a vision of taking the complexities of financial markets and breaking them down into easy to understand, easy to follow strategies.

Andrew Baxter Philanthropist and Family

Always mindful of his humble roots, he is a dedicated philanthropist, and his organisations have helped thousands of people enjoy a richer life, establishing The Emily Lowther Foundation For Good, in honour of his Grandmother. Some of the causes supported include Rotary, Basket Brigade, World Vision, Gold Coast Hospital Foundation, Make a Wish, Magic Moments and Surf Lifesaving Australia.

A dedicated family man, Andrew also loves to combine his passions of Travel and Photography. He is currently working on an exhibition of his work, the proceeds from which will go toward supporting his foundation.

Andrew Baxter is one of Australia’s most sought after speakers in the trading and investing space, speaking to tens of thousands each year.

Andrew Baxter Trader Philosophy

For more than two decades, Andrew Baxter has been a market professional, with experience in both institutional and retail trading. With a decade and a half in the broking and funds management space, Andrew’s ability to teach what works and what doesn’t sets him apart from the pack.

Keeping things simple is the key and while there is always another new strategy, hot off the press, Andrew’s philosophy has always been to stay true to time-tested strategies. After all, sustainability is how real wealth is built, year in and year out.

Andrew Baxter Author

Andrew Baxter has written several best sellers in the trading and investment space. Each year, his Outrageous Market Predictions has been amongst, if not the most highly downloaded business Ebook, within the iTunes store.

In addition, 10 Essential Keys to Winning the Investment Game Trading Options, one of Andrew’s Options specific books, has been read by thousands of Traders, around the World.

However, Books are only part of the story, with Andrew’s Trading Courses impacting on the lives of thousands of traders and investors the World over. Trading Courses Andrew has authored include Trading Mindset Mastery, Stock Selection Masterclass, Cashflow Made Simple, Options Made Easy, Options Mastery, Futures and Forex Paymaster and Robot Trader, as well as a variety of live programs that range from half day to three full day live events.

Andrew Baxter Elite Traders

When it comes to trading and investing, Andrew Baxter is regarded as one of the World’s elite traders and most sought after stock market speakers. Having spoken around the World and alongside some of the biggest names – Branson/Robbins/Kiyosaki/Dent/Blair and more – he has built a reputation for helping everyday people build their knowledge, confidence, and ultimately, game plan for a better, more healthy financial future.

Andrew’s philosophy creates a jargon free, plain English message, opening the door for trading and investing to just about anyone from any background wanting to successfully trade markets.

Andrew can deliver a wide range of content across a broad spectrum of subjects including Trading Psychology, Risk Management, Income Generation, Stock Selection, Commodities and Futures as well as his market leading Options Made Easy program.

Backed up by decades of real life, hands on, trading experience, Andrew has captivated audiences around the World, delivering a clear, simple to follow message. Andrew Baxter is a true leader in personal finance.

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