After arriving in Australia, from London, in 1999, one of the first things Andrew Baxter noticed was the massive number of retail traders in the market. Back then, there were three major factors driving things. The first was the increasing access to the internet (remember pulling the chord out of your phone and attaching it to your computer!) and the second was the likes of AMP and Telstra listing, bringing millions of new investors into the stock market. And the third – the “Dot Com” boom. And while the internet may have stuck around, the Dot Com boom became the Dot Com bust, and with it, tens of thousands of people lost hundreds of millions of dollars.

Recognising the immediate need for the average Australian, investment education, Andrew embarked on his mission to empower 100,000 everyday people to have a better financial future by teaching them how to invest more successfully.

Australian Investment Education

This was the birth of what is now Australian Investment Education. Based on his real life, hands on experience from years in the London and international markets, he built Australian Investment Education.

As Andrew recalls: “There were a few companies out there back then, offering ridiculously expensive investment education and training. Almost all of it was based on theory, none of it included risk management and quite frankly, most of it was delivered by professional “presenters”, not professional traders. In short, it was easy to see why so many people had lost money in the Dot Com bust – it was all just a big scam!I knew right then, that there had to be a better way to help people, by teaching them the real life practical stuff that actually works and actually makes money for people”

By providing a “from the ground up” education coaching and mentoring organisation, based on local needs and real experience, Australian Investment Education quickly gained traction and by partnering with a leading trading software group, word got out that there was a new player in the market for trading and investment education.

At the core of it’s DNA, Australian Investment Education holds the view that seeing is believing, and by teaching its members, real time and using real life examples, investor confidence quickly grows.

All of its training programs, live events and workshops are based around the practical, real life specialist skills that are needed to flourish and profit from investment markets.

Australian Investment Education and Andrew Baxter have spoken alongside some of the biggest names in wealth education, becoming a true leader in its field. In addition to live events, the Group has also written and developed some of the leading programs for trader education. Learn more about Australian Investment Education

Stock Selection Masterclass: Now in its 5th edition, Stock Selection Masterclass was the first Australian Investment Education program. The course has been carefully structured to help investors and traders alike to take a layered approach when selecting their investments, through the use of a careful blend of technical, fundamental and quantitative analysis, backed up by robust risk management.

Options Made Easy: Developing the skills and strategy for creating regular upfront and immediate income is a critical component in any investment strategy. This program is dedicated to the Covered Call income strategy. Using a combination of stocks and options, Covered Calls are an income machine and this program teaches how to be consistent, manage risk and stack the odds, almost unfairly in your favour.

Options Mastery: Opening the door for traders who are looking to take an all seasons approach to profiting from virtually any conditions in the market, this program brings 3D trading to what is for most, a 2D market! In addition to credit and debit Spreads, this program includes Ratios, Strangles, Straddles, Butterflies and Condors.

Futures and Forex Paymaster: The cyclical moves created in the Commodities and Forex markets create enormous opportunities for those traders and investors who have the necessary skills and strategies for profit. Trading these markets successfully requires a unique set of skills that brings together leverage and risk management, along with specialist analysis techniques unique to these markets and this program provides an easy to understand, simple to follow access point for investors looking to profit from these opportunities.

Mindset Mastery: Given that successful trading is often described as 20% Skill and 80% Mindset, this program provides a critically important and often overlooked set of skills that create and sustain lasting success. This program was written based on real life hard knock, in the trenches experience gained both trading and coaching traders and provides a unique and practical fix to the wide range of profit roadblocks that can impact on your results.

Robot Trader: Technology has enabled retail investors to enjoy an increasingly level playing field with institutions through access to data and speed of order execution. Setting your trading business up on Autopilot, where a series of screens firstly identify and then execute the trades removes all the emotion from the trading and investing decisions and reflects how Australian Investment Education caters for all traders at all levels in the journey.