Trading and Investing Summit from stage

Trading Investing Summit Update

Trading Investing Summit Update

As we get closer to the back end of the year, the 2016 Trading Investing Summit is also drawing in. Our preparation for the event and maintaining it as the premier Trading and investing event in the Country is in full swing, as is our product development team, prepping the launch of several exciting new products.

The new product mix, in particular will be a huge thing for our members, providing yet more strategies for successfully tackling markets.

However, in the biggest advantage of Trading Investing Summit is that unlike most live events, which have a tendency to be a multi-speaker pitch fest, this is a curriculum based learning weekend. And let’s face it, typical multi-speaker events don’t work. By then end of the second day, you have been pitched on so many things, that all sound great and many actually contradict each other.

Curriculum Learning Experience

Instead, by carefully developing the syllabus and weaving together all the elements, Trading Investing Summit will provide all attendees a game plan for moving forwards with the right knowledge and, more importantly, full of confidence.

The breadth of the syllabus includes amongst other things:

  • Technical Analysis
  • Indicator Selection
  • Reading and Understanding Charts
  • Fundamental Analysis
  • Stock Selection
  • Options For Income
  • Spread Trading
  • Trading Psychology
  • Futures and Commodities Trading
  • Auto-trading

Plus there will be two new products launched

However, there are two more programs we will be launching live at the Trading Investing Summit, which will benefit attendees in all aspects of their lives, not just investing, and we are especially excited about these. We have been wanting to release these for a while now, and the Trading and Investing Summit will given us the ideal platform from which to do this.

This year, Melbourne will be hosting the Summit, from the 25th to 27th November. For more details on the Summit itself, or to register your attendance, click here for more information.